UWC Scholarships


  1. $5,000 Undergraduate Scholarships
  2. Established in 1922, the University Women’s Club (UWC) is an organization comprised of University of Florida faculty, staff and other women who actively support the mission and goals of the Club..

    From it’s Endowment Fund the Club has for many years awarded scholarships to deserving women and men in honor of the wives of past presidents of the University of Florida, as well as the wives of a few former distinguished campus leaders. These women served the University during their husband’s careers at the University of Florida and their service has been recognized by the University Women’s Club through scholarships awarded in the spring. In celebration of its 100 years of existence and service to the University the University Women’s Club, beginning in the spring of 2022, will award five (5) scholarships in the amount of $5000 ($5.000) each to exceptional women or men who apply. Applicants can be from any undergraduate area of study.

    Selections are made by the Admissions Committee of the Division of Student Life.

    Click HERE for on-line applications for the University Women's Club Scholarships available through the Vice President for student affairs.

  3. Graduate Scholarships

        The UWC Graduate Awards are funded by contributions from the membership each year. Five (5) $1000.00 awards are made each year. In April a request is sent to Deans, Department Chairs and Directors of Graduate Studies for nominations for these awards.

        The student must, at least, be completing the first year of graduate study and must be a US citizen. The awards for either women or men are based on scholastic excellence, character and leadership. Only one student may be nominated by a department or program.

        The nomination is sent to the UWC by the professor along with the student’s curriculum vitae and a short statement from the nominee. The deadline for receipt of the nomination is usually in mid-May.