University of Florida Agricultural Women’s Club


Founded in 1908, the UF Agricultural Women’s Club (AWC) initially provided its members an opportunity to socialize. As the decades passed, however, service and outreach became an increasingly important focus, culminating in 1989 with the introduction of a scholarship program for female graduate students in agriculture that continues to this day.

To mark its 100th anniversary in 2008, the club awarded four scholarships, presented an Agricultural Women’s Club “Woman of Distinction” award, and announced a total of over $13,000 in donations made to a Centennial Endowed Scholarship Fund established by the board in the fall of 2007.

Due to declining membership, the organization became semi-active in 2013, no longer collecting dues or soliciting new members. In addition, board members voted to transfer the selection of scholarship winners to IFAS/CALS, open the awards to male as well as female graduate students, and increase the amounts to $1,000.

From 1990 to 2015, the Agricultural Women’s Club awarded 109 scholarships totaling $60,100. In 2015 the board voted to establish an endowment fund with the University of Florida Foundation. The club transferred $39,000 to the Foundation in December 2015, which will fund two $1000 graduate scholarships in perpetuity.

Also, Dr. E.T. York established the Vam Cardwell York Scholarship honoring his wife, a longtime AWC member. This endowed graduate student scholarship has been awarded annually since 1999 and is administered in conjunction with the Agricultural Women's Club.

To apply for Agricultural Women's Club and other CALS scholarships, go to

Applications are due April 1, 2017

Scholarship winners for 2015 were:

Jennifer Moore

Rachel Manning

Thomas McVay

David Owens

Scholarship winners for 2016 were:

Kelli O’Donnell

Alyssa Burns